Honey, honey!

Honey is good! I mean really good! Most people know honey for it's healing and soothing properties. Honey is used for natural remedies to treat yeast infections, athletes' foot, sore throats, arthritis and more.

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Honey is a humectant, which means (in plain english) it draws moisture from its surrounding and locks in moisture. Which makes honey an excellent natural hair conditioner. Add honey to your existing hair conditioner to boost its conditioning properties, or make your own conditioner by adding grapeseed oil, jojoba or coconut oil to a cup of honey for a homemade conditioner. Don't forget to wash out thoroughly.

Use honey to wash your face. Honey will cleanse your face, without leaving it sticky. Washing your face with honey and water creates a peroxide effect...really good for the skin.

I also put honey in my homemade body creams and butters to boost its moisture locking properties.

Wonderful honey...it's not just for tea and toast anymore!

Benefits of Honey

Health effects of Honey

Honey for hair

Honey for your face


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