Apple Cider Vinegar

Facts about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

* It helps with metabolism by helping the liver to detoxify the body by breaking down the bad foods and processing the good ones.

* The potassium in apple cider vinegar helps thin the blood, benefiting the heart, lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of strokes.

* Apple cider vinegar is valuable in fighting free radicals in the body that lead to some cancers. It's because of the beta carotene in it, which is a powerful antioxidant.

* Apple cider vinegar has shown to help ease arthritis pain and tight, aching joints by reducing the inflammation in the joints and slowing down the progression of the disease.

* It is beneficial to take apple cider vinegar with the onset of symptoms to help rebalance the body's acidity levels and decreasing the length of illness.

* It aids in restoring the glow of the skin, restricts the dilation of skin pores and improves the circulation of nutrients.

* Apple cider vinegar is very useful in dandruff control and balancing the pH level of the scalp. You may also try applying two three spoonfuls of vinegar directly to the scalp and rinsing it after an hour or so.

* Acids and enzymes in apple-cider vinegar are known to destroy bacteria called "bottle bacillus," particularly known as a cause of scalp conditions including dandruff and itchiness.

* Human hair is actually mildly acidic, with an ideal concentration on the pH scale ranging from 4.5 to 5.5. This is comparable to a simple vinegar rinse comprised of 1/3 cup apple-cider vinegar and 1 liter of water. The slight acidity of such a solution means that rinsing with apple-cider vinegar can help maintain the balance of your hair while gently removing buildup.



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