Put some colour into it

Image courtesy of seaskylab / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
During this time of year (especially where I'm from - Toronto), we have just pushed back the clocks one hour, and it gets darker, sooner. As a result, our clothing becomes darker (I guess to match the atmosphere), and our general mood is not of the most upbeat. Want to brighten up your dark days? Put some colour into it. Wearing bright colours, as part of your wardrobe (top, pants, jacket or accessories  (shoes. scarf, earrings, bangles, etc.) is a quick and economical way to liven up any outfit. To determine what colour(s) look best on you, think back to colours you have worn, that have earned you the most compliments. If you have never ventured, just pick a colour your eye is drawn to, chances are that is the best colour on you. Remember, don't just wear it, own it!


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