Why a facial toner is important

People often ask me if a toner is important? My answer is always, yes.

Toning your skin after washing it is important as it removes impurities, dead skin cells, surface dirt and it restores the skin's ph level.

There are two types of toners: astringents and toners and they differ by ingredient. In short, an astringent is alcohol based while a toner is alcohol-free, usually herbal based.

Toning as part of a skin care regimen is used after exfoliation and cleansing to tighten the pores and prepare the skin for moisture.

If you have sensitive, oily or combination skin, an alcohol based toner may be too harsh as they are often drying and will cause the skin to produce more oil, causing further skin irritations and blemishes.

When using a toner, it is important to us a cotton pad, not a cotton ball and sweep in an upward motion. Use no more than one pad to cover the face as you do not want dry the skin. If dryness occurs or persists, consider ceasing usage and tightening your pores after cleansing with cool water prior to moisturizing.

Myra Aso


  1. Hi. I have oily skin. I have tried many different facial cleansers but keep having to change them after a while. They used to work then the heats return. My face do not have blackheads..just a few heats. I am currently using neutrogena facial cleanser and an apricot scrub. Any suggestions?


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