False Advertising

I was at a high end natural hair skin care store a few days ago in Toronto. Looking around, a really nice bar of soap caught my eye. Anyway, the name of the soap would denote that those ingredients were in the actual product. Very much to my dismay, anger and disgust, after reading the ingredient list on the back, the ingredient that the soap was named after, was not even in it. I am very familiar with this ingredient - Baobab, as it is an expensive oil. The manufacturer of this product figured, they would play on consumers' ignorance and just call the product by that name, knowing that most of us do not read the ingredient list, would assume the ingredient was in the soap and buy their product.

Too many beauty and cosmetic companies get away with this nonsense. Start reading ingredients, get to know your ingredients, good and bad...look out for long, technical names, terms like all-natural and organic (there is no standard rating for organic products.)

The more you know, the more you will glow.

Your Beauty In Your Hands. Naturally.


Myra Aso


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