Wonderful African Oils - Papaya Seed Oil

Papaya seed oil is a wonderful conditioning oil. With its antioxidant and antibiotic properties, this oil is great for the treatment of irritated skin, including eczema, fungal infections, psoriasis and minor skin blemishes. Papaya seed oil is high in vitamin A and C. Vitamin C is not a nutrient commonly found in vegetable oils.

For the skin: it regulates the skin's sebum (skin's natural oil) and helps with the removal of dead skin cells and impurities.

For the hair: the nutrients found in this oil provide the hair with growth and prevent the hair from drying out, splitting and eventual hair loss.

Papaya seed oil can be used directly on the skin or in additon to other carrier oils and essential oils. It can be purchased through online retailers.

Your Beauty In Your Hands. Naturally.



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