Music is wellness

Music is truly the universal language. It transcends all race, culture and age. It does not discriminate and can be enjoyed from the beginning to the end. More so than even food, music has the ability to inspire, evoke, remind and soothe. Music is to the soul as food is to the body. It brings on a general feeling of relaxation and wellness. Through music, one can forget their troubles and be transformed to a different time and place. Music has the ability to heal and is often used in therapy and as part of educational programs to stimulate the brain.

Next time when you are looking for something to do, put on some music. Try world music - music from other countries - you might fall in love with something new you hear.

Dance like you will never move again, listen like you will never hear again and feel like you will never touch again.

Music is life.

Myra Aso


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