Why it is important to moisturize

Moisturizing your skin (especially during the cold weather months) is very important. Many of us skip this very important step altogether and if not, do a haphazard job using poor products. Below are reasons why it is necessary to moisturize your skin as well as doing so with good, healthy products.

1) Seals in the skin's natural oils, replaces lost oils and retains moisture.
2) Helps your skin cells to regenerate.
3) Improves elasticity of skin and keeps skin looking younger.
4) Prevents stretch marks.
5) Repairs sun or cold damage, as well as microscopic tears in the skin.
6) Using the right products ensures overall health and well-being is maintained as there are no harmful toxins present in products with natural ingredients.
7) Products with natural ingredients contain the necessary nutrients to help skin thrive and look and feel its best.
8) Therapeutic component to moisturizing, especially when time is taken to ensure that all areas of the skin are reached and massaged. When possible, it is not a process that should be rushed.


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