Nature takes time

I get asked about natural remedies all the time and there is nothing like recommending a natural remedy to a client, only to find out how it is working and their response is, "it didn't work". Further inquiry usually reveals that they did not stay the course of treatment for any period of time, for whatever was suggested to even begin working.

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Living in an "instant" society has made us very impatient with the things that take time. Nature is one of them. Here and now, is how we like it in this fast paced society, and waiting for anything, especially, nature to do something good for us (in the short and long run) has become unthinkable.

Nature takes time because it is complex. The makings of whatever plant, herb, root, bark, etc. takes time for the earth to create. It takes time to cultivate and to extract and to finally get the finished product. The same way you can't have a baby overnight, is the same way one has to wait and be patient for whatever they are doing to work.

Hair and skin conditions that you are trying to alleviate or cure with natural remedies will eventually work. If one does not do the trick, try another, but give it time. The beauty of nature is that you will always have options. You will see the positive outcome and your health will thank you.

Stay the course.

Your Beauty In Your Hands. Naturally.

Myra Aso


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