The Natural Lifestyle is not a fad.

I know many people who think that having a more 'natural' way of life is a fad, bohemian, a tad pretentious and even snooty. By natural, I mean, those of us who try to eat more natural foods, use more natural products and try to make these products ourselves.

To those people that don't understand 'the natural lifestyle', let me be the first to tell you that it is not a fad. 

Leading a more natural lifestyle requires thought, effort and patience. It is a lot easier to reach for the alternative when we want something fast and convenient, but there is a certain joy and pride that a person gets from doing things for themselves and taking others and the environment into consideration. I am not saying that those who use alternatives don't have these considerations, but for myself, this is my thought process. I get a sense of satisfaction when I go the natural route. The feeling of doing something good for myself.

I don't have a problem with brushing with baking soda, making my own chest cold rub, body lotions or chap sticks.  I can account for the ingredients in my products and I don't worry about cost, because it costs me a fraction to make things myself. The control I have over quantity, fragrance and ingredients is empowering. I don't have to make-do with an item that is too big or too small, strong smells and questionable ingredients.

There is a feeling of liberation, knowing that my hair and skin care products are made by me. I don't feel tied to alternatives or that there are no options.

One natural item, begets another. Like exercise - which promotes healthier eating - the same for the natural, one good ingredient, and there is a craving for more and eventually, I want to try to make some of these items myself. Some of the items I have made include my own make-up, sunscreen lotion, body creams, body scrubs, shampoos, conditioners and rendering my own beeswax to use in my products.

There are many benefits of using more natural products and making some of those products yourself.
 It is a fun experience and you learn new things about yourself and the world around you.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Your Beauty In Your Hands.


Myra Aso


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