Face Oil...A Necessity


Facial oils are a unique form of skin care. 

Rich in nutrient and light in texture, face oils are not only a treat for the skin, it is a necessity.

Usually costing more than regular moisturizers, face oils boast exciting features such as:
  • lighter
  • drier
  • sink in quickly into the skin
  • essential oils
  • boost hydration 
  • heal and tone

Face oils can be a mix of pure oils or one specific oil. In a mix, a combination of oils have been formulated to complement each other, sometimes by way of synergy (how one responds to the other), ingredient balancing or ingredient likeness. If a face oil is scented, ideally the scent should be an essential oil, which will further benefit your skin and elevate your mood. Scents should not be overpowering.

With essential oils, your face will draw the nutrient(s) from them, further enhancing the quality of your oil.  

Examples of good essential oils for the face include: 
  • lavender
  • geranium
  • bergamot (bergaptene-free)
  • clary sage
  • tea tree.

Dry skin, fine lines, spots and toning of the skin are all conditions that face oils are created to work on. Facial oils can be used as
intense therapy for nighttime, but can also be used during the day as a regular moisturizer, worn on its own or under a cream moisturiser (to boost hydration). Marula Night & Day Face Oil is an excellent product which accomplishes this.

I use face oil as a general moisturiser and I love it. I find oils to be hydrating enough to provide my skin with the moisture it needs. During the winter, when I need a little more moisture, I seal in my oil with 2 in 1 Moisturiser & Cleanser.

Look for these nutrient rich carrier oils in your next face oil:
  • apricot kernel
  • sweet almond
  • marula
  • jojoba
  • argan
  • evening primrose

Our faces create oil and therefore recognise oil more so than any other type of moisturiser. Cream bases are alright, but the right type of oil can make all the difference in obtaining the best skin ever.

Are you a fan of face oils or do you avoid them like the plague? 

Share your experiences.


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