What fitness competing did for my self esteem...not to mention my body

Fitness competing is fun!

You meet great people who are really enthusiastic, energetic and disciplined. You push yourself to new heights and achieve new goals, you get to wear fancy bikinis and strut in heels while being in the best shape of your friggin' life.

That's right, you get that wicked body you have seen on other women in magazines and thought, could I look like that - hard abs, defined quads and butt that won't quit! It becomes yours, without the photoshop.

I won't lie though, this type of sport is not for everyone. It takes a lot of dedication, commitment and discipline. Sore body parts (constantly), strict eating habits, supplements, workouts, workouts and more workouts. Not to mention you have the cost factor - trainer, supplements, food, outfits, posing coach, entry fee - these can really add up. 

Is this all worth it? I mean really worth it?

Hell ya!!!!!

At 40 years old -  that's how old I am in the pictures in this post - I have the best body of my life. Enough energy to keep up with my four awesome kids, I look younger, my eating habits are stellar, I walk taller and I look great in a bikini...okay....I look smokin' hot in a bikini.

This is what I mean, your self esteem goes up, you become more confident - you are wearing practically nothing on stage...with heels, how can it not go up? You see yourself in a different light, a positive light and you know your worth. You may be apt to take on new challenges, redefine your goals and take up new interests. 

Then there are the compliments and questions. Something that happens when you get fit is that people notice. Your family, then friends, your neighbours and finally the moms at your kids' school. Then come the questions - do you have any tips? What do you eat? Is rice a carb?

This is natural and when it happens, embrace it. Most people don't know others who compete and when they finally meet one, you become a little bit of a mini-celebrity. Enjoy it, answer questions as best and honestly as you can, thank them for the compliments and DON'T be rude. Maybe, just maybe, they don't know that rice is a carb. Truth is, they are secretly wishing they had the discipline you do, to get the results you have. Celebrate your moment.

Like I said earlier, it's not for everyone, but if you are curious, there are tons of competitions out there. Check out online to see if there are any being held near you.

A bit of advice? 
-Give yourself at least 12 to 16 weeks to prepare. More if you have never competed before. Trust me.

Before you know it, you too will be showing off your hard work, in a barely there bikini, on stage in the best body of your friggin' life.

Any competitors or wanna be competitors out there? 

Share your experience.


  1. Love this post! A Mom of 4, business owner and fitness competitor, wow! Truly inspirational.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words and for reading my post.


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