Why I hate blogging...but will do it anyway.

I hate blogging. 

I'm not even going to beat around the bush. The thought of blogging doesn't give me sweaty palms, or sleepless nights, no. Just this thing in my gut about what I am going to write about, how I am going to say it, the delivery, will it be valid, what if nobody reads it. I hate it. All of it.

So many times I have sat in front of my little laptop, only to close it with a thud and walk away.

There are so many topics out there. So many interests. So many blogs and so many so-called experts. 

Initially this blog was to be about skin care, well-being and wellness. That was my first problem. I put myself and my blog in a bubble.

I am a mother of 4 beautiful children, entrepreneur, wife of a fantastic, supportive husband, who I happen to support with his own health issues. I am a fitness competitor, friend, daughter and sister. I love working out, cooking, eating, YouTube videos, movies and life.

How can I possibly put my life and thoughts, and interests in a bubble? I refuse to do it. I won't do it.

I know many people out there do it but they don't do it as well as I do. I'm not talking about blogging, I'm talking about my life. Nobody can live my life as well as I do and cannot document my experiences as well as I can.

So, it brings me back to this love/hate relationship with blogging. I hate it, but I will continue to do it because I like the challenge and feel that I have something to say, that someone out there would be interested in reading and can possibly relate to.

I'm not so pensive now, because I have put a hole in that bubble and air is being slowly released. 

I can breathe and boy does it feel good to exhale.

Until my next blog post.



  1. Thanks for this. I think a lot of us put ourselves in a comfortable bubble and then find ourselves suffocating by our own construct. I am in awe of your ability to be self aware and to be real about it. It makes me think I can be self aware too, if I dare to try ;-) Can't wait to see where you go from here!

  2. Thanks, TJ. I will try my best.




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