Fasting Chronicles Day 1

 Fasting Chronicles Introduction:

Fasting is a great way to obtain mental clarity, spiritual awareness, physical strength, healing, fat and weight loss and detoxification of the body. 

I normally fast throughout the year, and have made it a part of my wellness regimen. This month, I am embarking on a 19 day fast. I feel I need this fast for several reasons. 

First, I have not worked out in a while. Now, a while for me is 4 weeks. I love working out and is definitely a part of who I am, so to not have done it for 4 weeks, is a bit out of the norm for me. I was also fasting for 3 days and off for 4 days, so I was maintaining myself like that. 

Second, I am doing a competition in the summer and need to get the body ready.  If I went into the gym right now, that would just be more work to get my body into shape. This way, having fasted, I will shed a number of pounds before getting into the gym, and I can focus more on gaining muscle, rather than losing fat.

Third, I love how fasting makes me feel. The right fast, done correctly will energize you, detoxify you and make you feel better.That's what it does for me. It gives my body a chance to do internal cleaning, while giving my digestive system a rest.

Fasting Chronicles Day 1: 

It didn't even feel like a fast. I had the energy to run errands, make and drop off lunches for my kids and go grocery shopping. I also had stinging nettle tea. Later in the day, I kept dinner easy, as I made bacon and egg sandwiches for the kids. For myself, I had a shot of naturally aged honey ginger balsamic vinegar diluted with water. My husband is also fasting with me. I made turkey soup in my slow cooker from frozen turkey bones from Christmas dinner. He had a mug of that. Since he is on medication, he feels, having the soup helps to keep his blood sugar stable.

During the night, my sleep was not as deep as I would have liked it to be. I find when I fast, I sleep lightly and wake up early (sometimes in the middle of the night). I have deduced that this is my body not needing as much rest, as it is not working on digesting anything. I don't have any scientific backing on that, but it seems to make sense.

I have attached pics to track my progress.


Are you a faster?  Thought about doing it? Curious? Send me your questions and comments.

Stay tuned for more Fasting Chronicles. 



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