Fasting Chronicles Day 6

Fasting Chronicles Day 6:

Even before I got out of bed, I knew I had to get out of bed. A general feeling of slight unwellness was coming over me. It was remedied once I got out of bed and started to do my morning routines. After I took my shower, I took a drink of water and was surprised to find that I was actually thirsty. That was enough to get me going.

I made pancakes and bacon for the kids. It did not tempt me nor annoy me. After, I made lip balms for my daughter and I and underarm deodorant for myself. Truth is, I am really smelling my detox through my armpits. Had my shot of honey ginger balsamic vinegar and water and then boiled some water for coffee.

I am not a committed coffee drinker. I can actually count on my one hand how many times a year I have coffee and when I have my coffee, I am not apologetic. Lots of cream and lots of sweetener and it usually accompanies a dessert (as if the coffee was not dessert enough.) So you could imagine how difficult it is for me to be drinking black coffee. I am doing it for a change in flavour. Now, I want to make it clear that I am not having espresso type coffee here, it is very, very weak coffee, but I do get the change in taste from tea and a little bit of a pick me up from the caffeine.

I spent my afternoon watching my husband sleep his fast away and did not disturb him, as I know he really needs the rest. When you fast, don't deprive yourself of rest when your body is talking to you. Something I am supremely guilty of and I think a lot of women and especially mothers are guilty of as well. My body speaks to me greatly when I am washing dishes. I was washing dishes this afternoon, and started to feel a very familiar tightness is my upper back. I would usually ignore this discomfort, but after a very brief talk with myself, I turned off the tap, took my yellow gloves off and went and had a seat. Just to rest. Nothing more. Recognizing these signs during a fast is very important. That is your body speaking to you. Our body speaks to us all the time. Sometimes it even shouts. The problem is that many of us are too busy, preoccupied or ignorant of these signals. We all know that person who started listening to their body at the last minute or sometimes a minute too late. Listen to your body and its signals. Your body is a machine and it wants to survive and thrive. Listen and help it.

Later on when I felt better, I had a cup of tea and watched YouTube. During my fasts, I find I am more open to listening to talks about spirituality and life. I put on a talk by Sadhguru and enjoyed analysing his talk with my husband. The message I walked away with was that I am only limited by my body, as it has barriers. Within us is something that has no boundaries or barriers and is boundless.

I find I am tapping more into my spirituality (something that I prayed for prior to my fast.) I am getting ideas and intuitions that I have never had before. I find I am more articulate and eloquent in expressing myself (maybe the blog updates are helping). I am very grateful for this and see where it will take me (after all, it's only Day 6).

Dinner for the kids was heated up leftovers. I did make a bacon and cheese omelette for my eldest son, and I won't lie, it looked and smelled friggin' good. While they were having their dinner, I made a Cinnamon Caramel cake with my Bakeinaminute mix. The annoying part of baking while fasting is that you don't get to eat your creation. I don't generally have a sweet tooth (only for brownies and cheesecake and sometimes together), but when you have not eaten for 6 days, (at least for me, some sweets become tempting). I don't like jelly candies, licorice and most candies and if you offered them to me now, I would much rather continue with my fast, now if you offered me roast chicken or oxtail...that's a different question.

After the baking, I encouraged my son to do the dishes, something I was going to let him get away with, but something in me said no, let him do them. He did an amazing job and know that this is going to be a regular thing from now on.

I made, what I call "cafftea" - coffee with tea and sat down to rest. My drinks are very uneventful and boring. I am already sick of drinking what I'm drinking, but I don't have any choice. I don't want anything cold, because I really feel and my system is craving warm drinks. My husband even stated that after boiling the water, her realized he did really want his tea that much. I drank my cafftea quickly settled in for the night, watching videos.

I'll see what tomorrow brings.

Share your fasting experience or questions.

Until next time.



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