Fasting Chronicles Day 5

Fasting Chronicles Day 5:

The day started with a surprise - bowel movement. This is surprising as I have not had any such action in 4 days and thought I wouldn't until after the fast. I guess this is part of my detoxification and let me tell you, it is welcomed. Short shower and I was ready to start my day.

Balsamic vinegar water as per the ritual, followed by preparing and packing snacks, lunches and breakfast.

My husband's morning appointment took 2 and 1/2 hours. No complaints here as it gave us the chance to really talk about what fasting means to us (and try and ignore the delicious smells coming from the hospital cafeteria). The husband is having a hard time today with the fast, and the conversation was good distraction.

Fasting means different things to different people. Why you fast is not why I fast and vice versa. In my intro on Day 1, I touched lightly on why I fast and what it means to me. I think more than anything, it's about the challenge and the discipline that fasting comes with. Fasting, especially a long one (I consider a long fast as being 5 days or longer) will test you. It will test your mind, your brain, your willpower and your patience. It's not for the weak willed or the faint of heart. To undertake a long fast, one has to be determined, persistent, disciplined and desperate and have the understanding that they are in control, not their brain. You go into a fast because you are hungry (excuse the oxymoron), but it's true. Hungry for change, to not accept the status quo. To tap into physical, mental, spiritual, emotional or financial healing from a different angle. Hungry to open doors to self awareness and strength that you did not know was there. Hungry for control over something that has controlled you and you have had enough. You will spend a lot of time bargaining with your brain. There will be temptations (like the smell of the cafeteria food or my husband wanting to ask the girl sitting across from us for a piece of gum. LOL!!!) You will have to learn to recognize signals that call for an end to your fast or if the signals are as a result of withdrawal. This knowledge and recognition will help in protecting you, so you don't hurt yourself. The body will talk to you and let you know if you can go on or if it's time to call it quits.

Picked up dinner on the way home. It's Fasting Friday and I am not cooking. Picked up the kids from school and came home to enjoy some vinegar water. I do have regular water, but truth is, I don't drink that much water during my fasts. I learned a while back to not to force water drinking. I found that force drinking got me sick and unsettled my stomach.

 Day 1 vs Day 5

Later on in the night, I felt light headed before getting into bed. My husband brought me some water, which I first turned down and then later accepted. It helped in calming my head.

Light conversation with my husband and then I drifted off to dreamland.

Share your fasting experience.

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  1. Hey Myra, thanks for sharing your fasting journey - I am finding it quite fascinating as I have only ever fasted for 24 hours. I suppose I called it detoxing, but I haven't ever tried anything longer. I think the dizziness and lower energy scares me - particularly when I consider the work day.

    1. Hey, TJ. This is what usually gets people and stops them from the experience of fasting longer. In addition to the symptoms you have listed, I have also been told that headaches and the discomfort of the stomach scares people. I have fasted for 10 days before while working outside the home. Was it a challenge? For sure, but once the body acclimated, it was easier. If you are interested and are able, try and push your fasting time to 36 hours and gradually work your way up. Also, recognize withdrawal symptoms including headaches, lightheadedness, stomach cramps and irritability. Like any habit you are trying to break, the body will rebel. Things usually settle down in 3 to 4 days. Good luck in your fasting journey and if you need anything, don't hesitate to reach out. Blessings. Myra


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