Fasting Chronicles Day 4

Fasting Chronicles Day 4:

The morning started out well, although I didn't take a shower this morning. When you fast, once your body has depleted its glycogen stores, the body now looks for stored fats to get its energy from. These fats that the body is feeding off of, also helps in keeping the skin moisturized. Showering everyday will dry the skin, as it does not help the skin to retain its oils.

Honey ginger vinegar water was the drink this morning. It actually took me longer to finish it as usual.

The afternoon brought on a really good conversation with my husband on how food is a big part of peoples lives. He shared an experience that he entered the kitchen to do something and he thought he was in there for food. That's what stirred the conversation.

Food plays such an important part of our lives and I don't really think we realize how much. Are you sad? Eat! Are you in mourning? Have something to eat! Got a new job? Let's celebrate by going out to dinner. Had a baby? We'll bring over dinner. Depressed? Eat. Even though the eating may have brought on the depression. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying it's bad to eat or that food is bad. As a matter of fact, food is one of the few things that ties all cultures worldwide and therefore has a very important role in our lives. I, myself am a self-professed foodie and pretty proficient around the kitchen. That's why I started a food business. It's just that I think our relationship with food is pretty skewed, taking on the look of a slave and master. Food being the master and us being the slaves. Many people might disagree with this example, but the reality is, very few of us have little objection to accepting food. The challenge is denying yourself of food (for a set period of time) and switching the roles where we become master.

Which brings me back to fasting. When you fast, your relationship with food changes (or at least it's supposed to). You realize that you control this thing and that it is something that enters you by permission, not by force or by habit.

Picked up the kids. Still feeling fine. Had half a cup of chaga mushroom tea. Tried to wash dishes, but could not finish as I was beginning to feel weak. The early evening brought on lightheadedness when I was preparing my kids' dinners. Doing mostly sitting for the rest of the evening and helping with homework.

Watched a bunch of YouTube videos on fasting. We seem to only do that when we are fasting ourselves. Anyway, it helped to pass the time.

Just came back from an evening appointment. Feeling weak and really needing a shot of vinegar water. It totally helped.

Going to put the kids to bed and chill for the rest of the evening, before turning in.

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