Fasting Chronicles Day 15

Fasting Chronicles Day 15:

I really wish I could sleep in today. So tired. So sleepy. Didn't help that I went to bed late, but this morning I am feeling more tired than usual.

Made my way downstairs and quickly put together lunches, snacks and breakfast. Had water and then I had to have a seat. Lack of energy very quickly is what I am battling right now.

I have an appointment this morning, so I have to drop off the kids and quickly make my way there. On the way to my appointment, I had to stop at the grocery store to pick up some items for my mother. Took the opportunity to pick up some things for home as well. It never ends.

At my appointment, I could have slept. Let me sleep...please. I am so tired. Silly me, I did not bring any water, which could come in real handy right about now. My stomach is starting to act up.

Made our way to my mom's to drop off her goods. The flight of stairs up to her place was brutal. I have never been so tired before. I was huffing and puffing after three flights of stairs, I had to lean on the banister for support and had to sit when I got inside. To be honest, this is an experience I have never felt before. This, I figure, comes with longer fasts. Hemoglobin levels may have dropped. Will definitely keep an eye on it.

As we left, all I wanted to do was sleep. Looking at the time, it is already time to pick up the kids. We had our eldest son pick up his siblings, as the energy is just not there to walk from the van to the school yard.

Came home and I have never been so happy to be here. Going to sleep as I can't take it anymore.

Woke up and my husband said he was going to serve the kids dinner. What a nice break. He seemed to have more energy than I do. He said he doesn't but he knows I'm suffering.

I've had many people ask about our kids and if they know we fast and what they think about it.

The moment we started fasting, we explained to the children  why and what it entailed. They were intrigued and understood. We told them that there would be times when we will not eat, not because there is no food, but because it is our choice. We explained that we will begin eating again when we choose and we move on. Fasting will not affect what or how they eat. There will always be food for them. We explained the benefits of fasting, the history of it and why people do it today. It is important to keep children in the loop about some of these things. That way, years down the road, when they do find out, they don't feel like it is something that was sprung on them or are not left wondering why they were never told.

I helped the kids with their homework and had my broth. It could not have come at a better time. It tasted so good, but still feeling so tired. 

Tried to watch a documentary and was in and out of sleep.

Off to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

Day 16...coming up.

Thank you for reading and please share your experiences.



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