Fasting Chronicles Day 2

Fasting Chronicles Day 2:

Woke up and had the energy to take a shower, before getting the kids up for school. Went down to the kitchen and had a shot of honey ginger diluted balsamic vinegar. To take my mind off the stress of deciding what was for lunch, I decided to drop off lunch for the kids. The weather is crap and would like to spend as much time off the roads as much as possible.

Slowly feeling the fast set in, although nothing major. No headaches or dizziness. Effects many people complain of in the first few days of a fast. Rested for most of the day, although, I made a quick run to the grocery store again. Interesting thing about grocery shopping and when I fast. I find I am not as tempted to impulse spend, and pretty much stick to my list. Something which never happens when I am eating normally. My grocery items pretty much consisted of things that would make my fast easier. The last thing anyone fasting wants to do is to spend time in the kitchen, cooking an elaborate meal.

The afternoon brought on the need for a shot of diluted lemongrass mint balsamic vinegar. I love these vinegars my sister introduced me to, when I was visiting Vancouver, British Columbia last summer. They are naturally aged, so there is no added sugar and come in tons of flavours. So, instead of drinking apple cider vinegar, I choose to have these instead. They taste better and still make the body alkaline.

Later in the afternoon, I picked up the kids, and rested. Spent the evening watching documentaries and helping with homework. Dinner for the kids was grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. Nothing complicated. They loved it. My husband's dinner was his turkey soup. My dinner was Neopolitan Herb, a new balsamic vinegar my sister thought I would like and had brought for me during her Christmas visit. It tasted like sweetened vinegar with oregano. It was actually very good and I likened it to drinking a salad.

I fell asleep on the couch and when my husband finally woke me up to go to bed, I didn't fall asleep as quickly as I thought I would. Again, not a very restful night and did not welcome my alarm clock when it went off to start day 3.

Day 2 pics below.

I will definitely do comparison and side by side pictures as I go through the fast. That way, it will be easier to see the changes.

Have you tried fasting? What are your thoughts and results? 

Stay tuned for  more Fasting Chronicles.



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