Fasting Chronicles Day 3

Fasting Chronicles Day 3:

Day 3 started off not so good. I woke up feeling drained and slightly dizzy. Any quick and sharp movements would cause dizzy spells. After brushing, I made my way to the kitchen to drink half a glass of water and then a shot of honey ginger balsamic vinegar. After a few minutes, I felt a little better to take my shower but kept it short.

Making my way back downstairs, I knew it was time for a seat. I made some rooibos tea and sipped it slowly on my couch, enjoying mindless chit chat with my eldest son. Shortly after the tea, I felt energetic enough to help the kids with snacks, lunch and prepare breakfast. Once again, nothing complicated, milk and cereal. The kids took lunch with them, as I felt I would not have the energy to prepare anything to drop off.

Normally, the husband would come with me to drop off the kids, but he too had started feeling the effects of the fast and was feeling dizzy. I advised him to take a seat and that I was fine dropping them off. Getting out into the cool air, made a difference. It revitalized me and gave me energy. I guess I literally needed a breath of fresh air.

Returning home, it was all about sitting and resting. Doing mundane stuff pertaining to our businesses and the such. The afternoon passed by quietly.

Early in the evening, as I was making dinner for the kids, I had a blowout with my husband. I must stop here and explain this. I read several years ago, in an article about fasting that the act of fasting brings out emotional awareness. Sometimes, however, this "awareness" is not necessarily as it seems. For me, I become more sensitive, easier to get angry, and jump on things, which I would normally let go. So back to the blowout with the hubby, what we argued about was so mundane but I was able to attribute my reaction to my fasting state. I was also able to clearly state my feelings to my husband, and I actually thought I sounded more articulate than normal. To all long term fasters out there, emotional awareness is definitely something to look out for.

Later in the evening, I had an appointment and took some vinegar water with me. It sustained me. I was able to take part in conversations without reserve. I was not confused or dizzy. I had enough energy to help my kids with homework. Water was my last drink of the day.

The pic below is my 3 day comparison.

Based on today and how I am feeling, Day 4 is looking promising.

Share your fasting experience.



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