Fasting Chronicles Day 18

Fasting Chronicles Day 18:

Tired, tired, so friggin' tired. I dragged myself out of bed to greet the day.

Weak, stomach is feeling queasy, can't stop spitting and I am totally nauseated. If I didn't know better, I would think I was pregnant...but I know better.

The husband dropped off the kids this morning as I was too tired to move. I pretty much relaxed on the sofa, until he came home. Later on in the morning, I gathered up the energy to go to back to the kids' school for an assembly. Our youngest received an academic award. So proud of him.

Made a delivery to a store and it was back home to rest before picking up the kids and the children's treat for my son receiving his award. Deep fried chicken wings.

What did I learn from this fast?

I have a deeper relationship with food than I realised.
The foods I love to eat as opposed to what I can do without.
An even greater relationship with my body and its mechanics.

There is more in my mind and in my heart than I realised.

The capabilities of my body and the strength it has.
The feeling of being able to take on bigger challenges, that truly take me out of my comfort zone.

Closer to God and his works in my life.

How not eating, truly affects your mood.

The body is truly a living, breathing machine, that wants to not only survive but to thrive.

It is good to give the digestive system a break from time to time. 

Your armpits will take the brunt of your detox. 

Some people will think you are crazy. Who cares? This is not about them.

You can watch 32 movies in 19 days.

24 hours is a very, very, very long time.

After putting my feet up for a few minutes, I served the kids their wings. To watch my son go to town on them, almost brought a tear to my eye, because that's exactly how I would have torn through them.

I was going to make curried chick peas and fish on pita for dinner, but said screw it, and everyone got beef patties. I figured they would be full from the wings anyway. I will make that dish another day.

Took a nap, as I had to step out later. When I woke up, (I realised I really needed the rest) the husband had put the patties in the oven. I took the time to prep the ingredients for the soup we would be having tomorrow when we break our fast. I chopped all the ingredients and put them in the slow cooker. Tomorrow morning, I will put it on for 8 hours. I want to ensure all the ingredients are soft enough to digest. Refeeding has to be slow and steady, so as to not hurt oneself.

When we came back, we had our broths, helped with homework and the kids were off to bed.

Chilled for a bit, listening to music. My stomach is feeling really rough and nothing seems to be helping it.  

It is almost over. It has been a very long 18 days, but totally worth it.

Day 19 is so close, I can taste it...literally.

Thank you so much for reading.



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