Fasting Chronicles Day 8

Fasting Chronicles Day 8:

It's a school day, so my day started a lot earlier than the weekend. At 5:45am my youngest son jumped into bed with me for cuddle time. While cuddling, I had to remind him that today was a school day. Lying down, you don't really feel the effects of the fast. It's not until you get up, that's when the body starts speaking.

The start of the day was pretty good. Took a shower and got ready to greet the day. In the kitchen, I threw back a shot of vinegar water rather than sipping it and got to work on making breakfasts, snacks and lunches. I turned on the broth to warm up in the slow cooker and the thought of having broth today crossed the mind again. Anyway, I will continue to think about it.

The plan this morning is to collect water from the spring, get eggs and prepare packages for shipping. I needed to do these things while my energy levels were still high. I dropped off the kids at school, while the husband got ready. I came back from the school and put our empty water jugs into the van. 

We drink and cook with water we collect from a local spring and every so often, when we run out or just before, we go and collect some more. Down the road from the spring is a farmer's market we get a lot of in-season produce and eggs from. Their eggs are delicious and we usually buy them in flats. Today we purchased only two flats of 30 for a total of 60 eggs. I chuckle at this and say only, because usually when we are not fasting, we would buy 4 flats for a total of 120 eggs and yes, they are all consumed...quickly. The ladies at the market had some good laughs at our expense about how we would not be able to eat any of their freshly baked breads until next week. I did pick up a loaf for the kids though. I thought it would make a nice after school treat. Next stop, packaging. I have become friends with the manager at the packaging store and she is truly awesome. I know 2016 was pretty trying for her and today she expressed that she was leaving. Not for another job, but she just felt that she had given all that she had to her current position and it was time to take a break and think about what she really wanted to do.

This got me thinking about when we first started fasting and shared our findings with people we know. Many people thought we were crazy. Actually, I think they thought we had lost our marbles. Fasting??? Really??? Are you sure it's good for you??? Is your husband on board??? Isn't it really just starving yourself??? Oh, the countless questions I received. In the end, it was not about getting angry or frustrated, because it's easy to become that. I realized the only way to put their fears, anxieties and concerns to rest was to put forth my knowledge and experience so far. To start, I educated them on the difference between a fast and starvation. Fasting has a definite beginning and a definite end. Starvation can begin anytime and has no definite end. Individuals choose to fast, nobody chooses to starve. I also reminded them that fasting was not our invention (gosh, how I wish it was), historically, fasting is old as time, most cultures and religions worldwide do some kind of fasting (whether for spiritual, mental or health reasons). The reminder that  everyone fasts everyday - remember break-fast? - and that doctors will also ask you to fast before certain procedures. This was enough to put most minds to rest. I know there are still those who have questions, curiosity and concerns, but I can't help that. In this life, you have to be courageous and make decisions that you can live with. You have to make decisions that (sometimes seem weird, odd or unconventional) but are the best for you. In the end, you have to do you.

Today has been trying. The broth is still on my mind. Completing and shipping orders and this morning's activities has really got me winded. While my husband has a lot of energy today, I am at the opposite end of the spectrum. I didn't even have the energy to pick up the kids from school. Thank goodness tonight's dinner is leftovers. Broth is still on the mind. While dishing the kids their dinner, my mind was made up. I am going to have the broth.

The broth did a lot to give me back my energy. No guilt, no questioning, no more contemplating. Just doing what I need to do to see this fast through.

No pics update but it's coming soon.

Stay tuned and thank you for reading.

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