Fasting Chronicles Day 14

Fasting Chronicles Day 14:

The day started out quietly. Nothing exciting. Went through the morning routine and felt strong enough to take a shower.

Had idle chit chat with the husband about genes and the role it plays in our physical features and how lack of or too much body fat affects posture. The reality is, many people would be slightly taller if they had slightly less body fat.

Went downstairs and warmed up lunch for the kids. They are having leftover burger and fries. Still drinking water, but I am feeling for coffee. I think I will have some as I prepare dinner.

The husband kept me company as I prepared dinner. We talked as we usually do and had a very enlightening conversation on what some people think of fasting, health, wellness, and priorities. For us, health and wellness ranks at the top. I see many people who (and you can tell) rank the value of their material possessions - cars, houses, jewellery, etc.- at their top. The reality is, when you no longer have the value for those things you once did, what now?

For many of us, when you haven't lost or almost lost your health, you don't realise how precious it is. I have had to watch loved ones watch their health slip away, and while some try to regain it with success, some have just conceded and given in to the eventual loss. It is a very sad thing to witness. To those that try to regain their health, it is absolutely inspiring. To watch these individuals change their lives, their habits and sometimes their beliefs. The hunger, fire and determination in the eyes, spirits and souls of these individuals is a marvel. They hit the gym, they change the way they eat, what they eat, where they buy their food, sometimes even move where they live altogether in the name of health and wellness.The amazing thing about these people and their loved ones (spouses, children, parents) is that they have realised how important and precious time is and that when you have health, wealth is never far behind.

Spent the afternoon listening to music, surfing the internet, preparing dinner for the kids and sipping on water. Trying to conserve energy (as has been the name of the game thus far).

The broth was exceptionally good tonight.

I've probably stayed up later than I should, seeing that tomorrow is a school day. Anyway, off to bed now.

Day 15 coming up.

Thank you for reading and as always, share your experiences.



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